SCHOOLLE, comprehensive school management and administrative software that is highly beneficial to educational institutions

Features of a Student Information System

SCHOOLLE offers a state-of-the-art student information system that is engineered to bring total quality for colleges and universities of any size to accomplish any task.

Using the SIS, all the departments within the college or university can be synchronized and accessed by students, faculty and parents from website and mobile devices to view and perform functions such as admission, attendance, grades, timetable, report card, library, hostel and more.

The top features of online student information system for colleges and universities includes:

1. Student Management

Create student profiles with unlimited custom categories and fields including demographic data, enrollment, attendance, schedule and more, and share academic records with faculties, and administrators.

2. Enrollment

Enroll for academic courses and monitor the progress of students through the degree program with the flexibility to view course timetable and events in the calendar.

3. Attendance

Allows teachers to mark attendance in the class and send attendance reports to administrators.

4. Grades

Allows teachers to assess the proficiency of students and add custom fields for grading. Automatically calculate final grade based on standards, points system, weighted average and flow into the report card.

5. Examination

Enables faculty to upload question papers and create examination to students with dates and timings. Administrators can create exam venues, assign classrooms and invigilators, and generate results for all the students.

6. Event scheduling

Using the online calendar, colleges can schedule meetings, programs, holidays, and events for the targeted audience including students, faculty, parents and alumni.


7. Financial Aid & Scholarship

View financial aid packages to students. Track financial aid and scholarship information from application through automatic disbursement to student account and drive student success.

8. Transportation

Allocate bus services to students and staff and manage bus routes including pick-up and drop off at pre-defined destinations according to college timings.